JLP Fire Services Pty Ltd works in line with the Australian Standards (AS1851-2012) and the BCA to ensure that you, your property and investments are safe. 

We offer the following services:

·         Portable Fire Extinguishers

·         Emergency and Exit Lighting

·         Fire Hose Reels

·         Hydrants

·         Fire Doors

·         Smoke Alarms

·         Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS)

·         Annual Test Record Certificates (ATRC)

·         Access Panels

·         Automatic Fail Safe Devices

·         Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System

·         Automatic Fire Suppression System (Sprinkler, Gas etc)

·         Booster Pumps

·         Emergency Evacuation Lighting

·         Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System

·         Fire Alarm Communication Link

·         Fire Control Centres and Rooms

·         Fire Doors

·         Fire Hydrant Systems

·         Fire Mains and Water Supplies

·         Fire Seals

·         Fire Shutters

·         Fire Windows

·         Hose Reel Systems

·         Light Weight Construction

·         Mechanical Air Handling Systems

·         Occupant Warning Systems

·         Path of Travels, Stairways and ramps

·         Perimeter Vehicle Access

·         Portable Fire Extinguishers

·         Pressurization systems

·         Required Automatic Exit Doors

·         Safety Curtains and Proscenium Openings

·         Smoke and Heat Vents

·         Smoke dampers

·         Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors

·         Smoke Doors

·         Solid Core Doors

·         Wall wetting and sprinkler system

·         Warning and operational signs

·         Emergency Evacuation Plans and procedures

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Portable Fire Extinguishers AS2444
AS1851 requires that Extinguishers be tested and tagged every six (6) months. Water/Foam Extinguishers need to be refilled every twelve (12) months. All other Extinguishers need to be refilled and pressure tested every five (5) years. 

AS2444 requires Extinguishers to be located approximately every 30m in your premises with appropriate signage. 

Emergency and Exit Lighting AS2293.1
AS2293.1 requires that Emergency and Exit lights be tested every six (6) months, usually carried out with your Extinguishers and other equipment onsite. 

Emergency and Exit lighting illuminates the path of egress outlining exit doors and designated travel ways. 

Fire Hose Reels AS2441
AS1851 requires that Fire Hose Reels be tested every six (6) months, usually carried out with your Extinguishers. Fire Hose Reels are 36m in length and can cover a diameter of approximately 40m from the point of instalment. 

Hydrants AS2419
AS1851 requires that Fire Hydrants be tested every six (6) months, usually carried out with your Extinguishers. 

Fire Doors AS1905
AS1851 requires fire doors to be tested annually. AS1905.1 requires doors to close automatically, have a Fire Resistant Level (FRL) tag, NO deadbolts installed or fitted and that all gaps around the top, side and bottom comply with the make of door. 

Smoke Alarms AS3786
AS1851 requires that smoke alarms be tested yearly, usually when the fire doors are being tested to minimise disruption to the tenant/owner. Every house, home, unit is required to have a suitable number of smoke alarms installed from 1 May, 2006. Smoke alarms should be located on every level of your home. You should replace the battery in each smoke alarm at least once a year. 

Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS)
What is it? An Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) or formally known as Form 15a is a certificate signed by an individual which states that the building complies with the relevant standard of performance as stated in the Australian Standards.

Who Needs one? The council and NSWFB. You should also display one in the main foyer or common area of the property and keep one in your records. 

Annual Test Record Certificates (ATRC)

What is it? An Annual Test Record Certificate (ATRC) is a certificate outlining that the equipment onsite has been tested and maintained. It will note the date of tests and by whom it was tested by. 

An ATRC and AFSS are not the same thing.

For Example - The easiest way to explain it would be that you can have your car serviced two (2) times per year or ten (10) for that matter and the car can still not pass registration. It is the same with buildings, even if you have all of the tests completed on your equipment installed onsite you can pretty much guarentee that there will be a few extra things required or changed to meet the original standard of installation.

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